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Studentnotes.co.za: The Basics

StudentNotes.co.za allows you to download thousands of premium and free study notes contributed by other university and college students or even by yourself (and earn some cash while you're at it).

StudentNotes.co.za was started in 2010 to provide great quality study notes to university and college students across South Africa in order to assist students with examinations and tests.

Finding useful study notes has always been a drag, right? Now you can find study notes on nearly every subject by using our search engine. Our subject range and notes are increasing every day, making us the most up to date source of study notes in the country.

You can now pay for study notes with EFT (Bank transfer) or with your bank card using our secure payment store.

Contribute to our database of study notes by uploading your notes in word document or PDF files. We pay you commission for each sale leading from one of your notes.

You earn R100 per download (10 Downloads = R1000 in your pocket!)